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Be the first among your friends

If you live in the Philadelphia, PA Tri-State area, and you would like to host a show, I am excited to offer you the opportunity to see and try on for yourself my EarCuff designs.

You can watch the slideshow on my Welcome page to give you a taste of a few of my designs.  I have many more, small and large, made from copper, brass, sterling silver and gold-filled wire and unique combinations of natural stones and crystals, that have yet to make it into my Etsy store.  It's time to share the joy of offering young ladies of all ages the opportunity to wear ear jewelry that is beautiful, comfortable and at reasonable prices.  I'm especially excited about sharing my designs with ladies who have given up on ear jewelry.  Perhaps you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You have sensitive ears and cannot wear anything through or on your ears
  • Earrings are just too uncomfortable to wear clip-ons
  • You have one or multiple holes that are starting to split
  • It's time for a change, to wear something fresh, without breaking the bank
  • You just like to have fun and any reason for a get-together with your friends and to see something different is a great idea

If you are any of the above, then an Elegant EarCuffs by Fiona Party is a splendid idea!  Let's make it happen.  Please complete my Interest Form and I will be in touch.

In the meantime, here are some questions you may have:

Q:  Who should I invite?  I don't know if my friends will like ear cuffs.

A:  Any lady who has ears will welcome an invite. While they may not be familiar with earcuffs, I can guarantee for most of your guests there will be an 'Aha Moment' when they try them on for the first time.  Also, I will have additional pieces of jewelry to coordinate with the earcuffs, or wear alone.  Even if they are not interested, they may have friends or family members who will be, and the ear cuffs make great gifts.

Q:  How many people can attend a show?

A:  I recommend you invite everyone you know.  You want to have at least 10 ladies at your show.  Average attendance is usually about 50% of those invited.  Before inviting your friends, don't assume they are not interested.  Even if they have no interest in attending, I recommend you invite them so they don't feel left out.  And they may need some ideas for gifts.

Q:  What is the Host Program?

A:  Please visit the Host Benefits to read the details.

Q:  How do I invite my guests?

A:  I recommend using or create an event in your Facebook page.  The most important thing to do is to phone each friend and tell them about your upcoming show at least 2 weeks before the show date.

Q:  I want to support my friend's show but do not live in the area.  Is it possible to place an order online and have it count towards the show?  

A:  Yes.  You can shop in my Etsy store which has a small selection of my ear cuffs.  In the 'Notes' section upon checkout, please enter the name and email of the host to be counted towards the show.  Also, the order must be placed within the show's timeframe, identified in your invitation to count towards the show.  If you wish to have a show that is online only please contact me at for information.


Q:  Can I receive catalogs to share with friends?  

A:  I am currently not printing catalogs.  The environmental thing to do is to shop online.  You will be emailed a receipt, whether you are at a show with me, or you shop within my Etsy store.  Also, paper catalogs will not be able to keep up with the ever expanding earcuff designs I am making.

Q:  What is your return policy if I change my mind?  

A:  You have 30 days to return the earcuffs to me and you will be refunded in full.

Q:  Are you looking for other people to also present Elegant EarCuffs by Fiona shows and make an income.

A:  Yes, ultimately I will be looking for additional Ear Cuff advisors.  If you are interested, please contact me at and we can discuss at that time.

Thanks for your interest in hosting an Elegant EarCuffs by Fiona show.