​​Beautiful  and  Elegant  Ear  Cuff  Earrings for

Young Ladies of All Ages

"These are so cute and trendy! I bought a pair from the owner at a show in person and bought a second pair on Etsy for my niece. They fit great, are comfortable, and have never fallen out. Love these ear cuffs!"

"I'm unable to wear pierced earrings, and these make me feel like I'm wearing earrings again! The "drop" part is spectacular! Earrings are comfortable and elegant."

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New Product Line:

"Awesome earrings for my special day! I got a custom order, based on my idea and it was implemented perfectly! Can't wait to wear them! Thank you very much, Fiona!"

I have a new line of pendants sculpted from polymer clay, electroformed with layers of copper and then a variety of finishes applied. Each design is unique. These are not offered online, so be sure to check out my 'Upcoming Events' page to visit my booth and take a look.

If you struggle with traditional earrings, these earcuff earring designs are a comfortable and elegant solution. They are delicate, light and made from 14K gold filled, sterling silver and polished copper wire.  

Learn how to wear ear cuffs. Watch my video on how to put on and adjust ear cuffs to get the perfect fit.

Watch the slideshow above or visit my Shop. I am always open to custom orders and making coordinating necklaces.

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